Vegan-room to rent in London

1 Andrea, 4/01/08 12:44

We received this ad, if someone is interested in renting this "vegan-room" in London (for minimum 6 months):

I have a room to rent in a vegan, eco-friendly, ethically managed house in London, SE4. You can find a more detailed description and pictures of the house here:

Currently, there are three vegan people living in. I am not necessarily looking for vegans but the house is a fish and meat free zone.

*** DON'T reply on this forum, use the contact info in the link above ***

2 sally, 15/05/08 00:28

my friend and me are looking for a room in brighton.
can you help us please?

3 dharmavi, 6/07/08 13:34

Eheh...Everybody are looking for a home...
If I don't find anything I'll come to live with you...
It's ok?

4 sally, 9/07/08 17:09

yes,it's ok for me.

Cos'hanno in comune queste persone? Ciascuno di loro sta salvando migliaia di animali.

Siamo tutti diversi, trova il modo adatto a TE per aiutare gli animali!