Our days, english version

1 Lucik, 7/03/08 15:56

Dehehiho :-)
This space is dedicated to talk about how you lived today, the way you spent the moments passing through the days, with all the things you want to share :-)
Messages are wellcome :-)


2 Lucik, 4/09/08 18:58

So come on...
Delate this place...
It's a sign of our times that the missing of brilliant minds espresses the missing of messages here inside.
No fear, never mind. The genius of a men walks toghether with his courage of being "alone".

Andrea... cancella!
Dehehehihihoho :-)
Non sono ancora maturi i tempi per il mercato estero :-)

3 Lotus_88, 6/09/08 15:43

Ehi there....I'm here to tell you my days... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
no, I'm joking....I just don't want to make you feel ALONE!!!
ciao Lucik

"Mamma, raccontami ancora di quando le persone hanno smesso di uccidere gli animali per mangiarli."

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