Ciao! I am just arrived in Roma

1 marcel, 27/11/09 10:46

Ciao a tutti.
Please tell me some good places to eat and shop vegan in Roma.
I also still have the feeling of being the only vegan in this big city... therefore I also would appreciate to get know some other vegans.

2 Andrea, 27/11/09 11:38

These are shops selling food, cosmetics, house-cleaning products:

Shops selling cosmetics only

Shops selling clothes:

Be careful: most of them don't sell ONLY vegan and cruelty-free products, the sell ALSO vegan and cruelty-free products so you have to check everything you buy.

Here. some "vegan friendly" places to eat:

Again: most of them are neither vegan nor vegetarian, they are places where eating vegan should be easier.

They are grouped in:
"Ristoranti/Pizzerie" restaurants and places where you can eat a pizza
"Pub/Birrerie": pubs
"Bar/gelaterie": ice creams, coffees etc.

Somebody living in Rome will probably give further advices.

3 molly, 27/11/09 13:24

Hi Marcel,
welcome in Rome.
I would like to know where are you located exactly in Rome...north, South?
I live in Ostia Lido (south-west) and I am often in Hamburg (I have seen on your profile you come from this lovely city).
Please write me a private message so that I can advice you more properly.
Thank you

4 pamela, 29/11/09 21:12

Ciao Marcel. I suggest you the vegan pub Rewild in via Giovannipoli 18. It's vegan and you will find there very friendly people. It's open in the evening from 8 p.m.. I'll tell you when I'm going there and I hope others from the forum will do the same but, in the meanwhile, if you go, you will find for sure a lot of vegan friends.
Welcome in Rome.


5 marcel, 30/11/09 14:58

Thanks for the great respond. I have a question where can I buy
soya chunks ("bocconcini di soia"?) TVP or something like this? I cannot find it in a typically supermarket...

6 pamela, 30/11/09 17:09

You can find them in many of these shops:

If you live near Torvergata, San Giovanni, Via Appia, perhaps the nearest are these: Ciao


7 marcel, 3/12/09 10:59

Grazie I will check out these...

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